Cloth Diapering

Okay folks!  Here’s the scoop on the poop!

I just did this…

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 12.02.51 AM


Oh yes I did!!!

I can’t believe it!!  And what makes me a little sad is thinking about the fact that I’ve accrued more than double that total in Lincoln’s little diapering career thus far!!

I could have had twice as many of these adorable little butt decorations!!  ;]

So let’s be realistic, I know it’s going to be kind of gross.  But, as a seasoned mom (haha!), I now understand that poop is not the worst thing that can happen to you.

I’ve touched poop.  I’ve been pooped on.  I’ve put my hand in poop.  My baby almost (save a Matrix style backbend!!) pooped ON…. MY FACE!!!!

So poop can be pretty gross, but I’m not as intimidated anymore.

The concern for me lies here: after I’ve changed my poopy little precious, how do I wrangle him while rinsing the doo?

Excited to find out in the next couple of weeks!!!

Before, I’d face a challenge like this, and go like a scared little girl running back to “what I’ve always known” or “what everyone does”.

Not anymore!

Now, you hear this confidence?  This naive, naive confidence?  Keep checking back!!  I’m certain you’ll hear a more somber tone come the actual execution.

But honestly, I think that despite dealing with the doo – up-close and personal! – I will still like cloth diapering.

Nooo, not like that.  I don’t gain some strange satisfaction from sniffing the stuff.


But, I will become a better steward of the world God has created for us – Ca-ching!

I won’t have to drive to the store at 9pm if I realize I’m out of diapers – Double Ca-chin!!

And, most importantly of all,  I will be saving the money my husband works hard to earn for our family – Literally and triply Ca-ching! Ca-ching! Ca-ching!

I used to think that “contributing to my household” meant that I had to find some monetary supplement comprised of MLM tactics, online shenanigans, or running a home business.

But the fact I’ve come to realize in my 4+ years of marriage is that saving as many dollars that come into our home as I can (without having a closed fist and being greedy with our blessings), is a much more viable option for me.

I used to think that meant compromising on our health, using coupons to buy every boxed, jarred, bagged concoction under the sun.

But I am a convert.  I am free from believing those things.

I am loving this newfound way to contribute to my household.  God has certainly blessed me with these findings.

So cloth diapering seemed intimidating.  It still does.  And the internet didn’t help.

But keep checking back, Sister!!!  I will be documenting my journey through all of this!  Doing the heavy lifting so that, hopefully, somewhere out there, someone else doesn’t have to.

And maybe a mom who’d otherwise have become discouraged and given up will find these entries and become energized and excited again!

Maybe she won’t give up.

Maybe she will spare the world thousands of diapers and save her family thousands of dollars in the process.



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