Super excited about my most recent product conversion: Earthpaste.

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture of this toothpaste.

It has a similar effect as spitting out the foam and brushing san bubbles with conventional paste.

I got the wintergreen flavor, and it was so good, I almost wanted to swallow it down!  Which the packaging doesn’t discourage!!

It runs about $8 per 4 oz. tube on Amazon.

If that is a bit too much of an expense for you, you can check out how to make your own toothpaste!

But for my family, at the moment, it’s a great investment!!  It gets us away from the product filled with undesirables until I can find the means to make it ourselves!

If I’m honest, our family is a little overloaded right now!!
We’re working toward a lot of different goals including but not limited to: better quality meats, cloth diapering, getting back on the farmer’s market wagon (we’ve been backsliding!), switching over all our cleaning products, and gardening!

Phew, makes me a little tired just looking over it!
We’ve also had a busy weekend in this house, what with my sister-in-law moving out and going on a few family fun trips!

But my ultimate goal would be to make this product myself.

Anyhow, if you’re looking into a different mode of teeth cleaning but don’t want to make it yourself before you know if it’s right for your family, this product is perfect!

Now that I know we like it, I’m really looking forward to making our own in the near future!

Happy scrubbing!


Update:  After about four months of use, my teeth have NEVER been whiter!!  This stuff works amazing, and I love it! You do tend to use a lot more than you would toothpaste, but it’d an incredibly worthy investment to step away from the fluoride and glycerin that are found in conventional toothpastes!

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