Raw Cheese

Raw as in made from unpasteurized milk.

Now, let me take a moment and be honest here.
I tried European style yogurt.  I tried raw milk.  I don’t love either of those things, and the healthier versions weren’t my cup of tea.  They were neither worse nor better, in my opinion.  I like them as ingredients, but not as stand-alones.

But cheese… OH cheese!!!  If someone forced me to live off of cheese, I’d love them forever and possibly bare their children (yep, Darion lets me eat as much cheese as I want, case and point!).

So I am a bit of a cheese connoisseur, to put it lightly.

I love the regular, greasy, tangy sharp cheddar from the grocery store with the strange, biting after-taste.

So when I took my first bite of raw cheddar, I was instantaneously transported to a farm with flowing, knee-high grasses and cows grazing in the distance.  There might have been a farmer.  Haha!  I jest; but seriously, the cheese is amazing!

This stuff tasted better than any cheese I’ve ever had in my life!!  It tasted REAL!  And that’s the point.

This cheddar is not dyed a foreign tinge of yellowish-orangeish (who made that decision anyhow?).  It’s an off-white.

And you know what’s funny?  Think about it… cheese is made from milk.  I’ve never seen ORANGE milk, but if I did, I’m not likely to drink it!!  How ’bout you?

Raw cheddar doesn’t have that weird after-taste in the back of your throat either.  And you know who loved it perhaps even more than me?  My little mini me!!  Darion liked it too!!  Safe to say, we are dairy converts in this home!!  So amazing!!

IMG_7522Hilarious fact: While we were eating our raw cheddar, our cloth diapers were delivered!!  We are officially a crunchy family!!
I about fell off my rocker when Darion rejected a new tube of deodorant at Target today and asked me to make him some homemade deodorant!!  God is working to change our lives, and I couldn’t be more grateful!!


Now, I want to share a secret with the apprehensive.




Yup.  For some reason, I got a nervous tingling in my stomach when I tried it.  Just like I did with the yogurt.  Just like I did with the butter.  Just like I did with the milk.

And after I tried it, I realized it was all for naught!!

I was only timid because that’s me.  But I did want to validate any readers out there who may battle with the same fears.

Just because you’re crunchy, doesn’t mean you’re suddenly fearless.  It’s okay to be afraid.  It’s a big life change.  I am always afraid of change, even the positive ones!!

Doing something different than you’ve done your whole life is a bit nerve-racking

But this is a change I will never turn my back on, so long as I can help it.

I would strongly suggest that, if you want to try raw dairy, this be the first change you make.  It won’t disappoint!

4 thoughts on “Raw Cheese

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  3. The taste of raw milk can rely greatly on what the animal is eating – you might want to try different farms that have a variety of flora their animals pasture off of – can make a difference in the taste….

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