Cloth Wipes Solution

Overwhelming madness is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about (well, most things I try to pursue, but in particular) cloth wipes solution.

I wasn’t really planning on using cloth wipes.  The thought of Lincoln’s poop still repulses me in a normal way, and I wasn’t exactly giddy about coming into that close of contact with his waste.

However! God had other plans.

He probably knew I wouldn’t change this on my own, but that it’d behoove me to do so.

So, when I received my last shipment of wipes from Amazon, I was struck with chagrin.

The brand I’d been using for almost a year now was different.  For the worse.

The material was more papery, coarse, and felt cheap.  They were thicker, but I liked the pliability of the old ones.

So I was sorely disappointed.

For a couple of minutes.

Then I decided to get off my keister and do something about it!

It didn’t take long to get me excited about the $10 per month savings and the prospect of making my own wipes.

I know there are many avenues you can go, but the best advice I found was this: “match your diapers”

Thank you, Kitchen Stewardship, for your words of wisdom!!!

I chose these washcloths through a serendipitous series of events.  First looking for cute, then looking for cotton, then stumbling upon unbleached 100% cotton!  I didn’t even consider it!  But it made sense, so I went with it.

Then came the task of inventing a solution in which to douse my wipes.

The internet is so wonderful, in that you can find anything you are looking for.

The problem is, there are way too many options for the indecisive!!
I was easily able to rule out anything containing baby oil (gross!), and the options that recommended using baby shampoos and soaps were also a “no”.

I finally landed on a basic recipe loosely based off of Kitchen Stewardship’s.

I couldn’t mimic her recipe as per lack of Castile soap , but that will be remedied in the next few days (update:  I now use Castile soap, and I love it!).

So what I settled on for now was this:


I saved an empty soy sauce bottle… I save a lot of bottles and now have purpose for them!!IMG_7687

I filled it mostly with water,


finished filling it with vinegar,


and then it was time for some essential oils!

I just added about 10 or 12 drops of tea tree oil.


I replaced the drizzle-top nozzle, and voila!

IMG_7694I then poured the mixture down over my nicely folded wipes, and I was good to go!!

The bottle is actually perfect for the job because it doesn’t spill all over the place when I’m drizzling the wipes with the concoction, and it’s great if I just need a little extra on a particular wipe!

This works exceedingly well for my purposes, but I would like to get the Castile soap down in there.  Just feels cleaner.

When I’m done doing the dirty work (pun intended!), I just toss the used wipes in my pail with the diapers.  Come laundry day they meet their fate along with all the other dirty laundry, and come out on the other side clean and sparkling!
I didn’t think I’d love making my own wipes.  Actually, I didn’t think I’d make my own wipes!!
But thanks for a little fire under the tush, I did it!  I stepped out of my comfort zone, and my bank account, my baby’s tush, and the earth will eternally thank me for it!  Right?  ;]

3-12-13 Update:  I also add about 20 drops (just a splash, roughly) of Castile soap, and I love it!!  It makes me feel so good about the wipes.  I feel like they REALLY clean my little guy’s bum!!



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