Make More Smoothies!

I recently stumbled across a brilliant formula by which to make smoothies.

I’ve always like smoothie shops and what they have to offer.  But for some reason, I could never quite master the art in my own kitchen.

The very most recent attempt I made, I threw a bunch of junk into my blender, and it turned out HIDEOUSLY.

It was probably one of the most disgusting things ever created, and it graced my drain with all its nasty goopiness.

After that, I was on a mission.  I wanted to spare our budget the wasted produce, so I went out seeking smoothie recipes.

But everything I found was more basic than I was interested in.

They were truly *recipes* for one or two flavors.

I was looking for a way to clear the excess produce on the brink of spoilage from my crisper drawer.

So, I searched and I searched and I searched!

I finally stumbled across this from on Pinterest.

I am now aware that there are many smoothie formulas out there.  I was unaware of this fact prior to my search.

And just that shift in perspective has made a world of difference!
Smoothies aren’t really about ingredients.  They’re about components.  If you’re missing any items in a particular family, your smoothie will just come out different.

It might seem weird, but I didn’t grow up drinking too many smoothies, so this was an art I’d never encountered before!

I actually even printed up the chart (at the bottom of the page), and I keep it on the inside of my cabinet door.

Today I got super creative and threw some broccoli in to our smoothies!!  It was delicious, and the only give away was the smell of feet floating out of the cup!!

So let me explain to you our favorite smoothie combination so far!!


Alrighty, fro top to bottom, I added frozen pineapple, frozen strawberries, frozen spinach, and frozen banana

(this last time, the addition of broccoli was a great way to incorporate more of those ever-important greens without

even changing the taste!!)

IMG_7668 Then I got a little coconut water, cinnamon, flax seed, and yogurt going.

IMG_7670Love our Blendtec, by the way!


It may not be pink or orange, but it’s DELICIOUS!!  And I don’t mind the color at all.

IMG_7650Darion skeptically taking a swig of the green goo I created!!  He acts like he doesn’t like them,

but I’ve yet to see any left in the bottom of his cup!!  :]

So there you have it.  My quest and eventual success to find the ultimate smoothie combo!  Which really turned out to be anything I want it to be.

I also had a revelation that this is a phenomenal way to incorporate coconut oil into our diets.  There are countless, power-packe combos you can make.

But please! don’t take my word for it!!  Get out there and start making your own tantalizing tasty super smoothies!!

Also, feel free to share any favorites in the comments!


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