Shop Farmer’s Market

Today, Darion and I cruised down “I” snacking on our loot from the farmer’s market.

As I popped another delicious raspberry in my mouth, Darion made the comment, “I think we spend more money at the farmer’s market than we do at the grocery store!”

I took a second to mull over that, and responded.

“Yeah, sort of.”

Because it’s sort of true.

When I buy produce at the store, it’s pretty inexpensive.

BUT, there’s a catch.

Along with that crispy cucumber I’m tossing in my cart, I’m also getting a lot of things I’m NOT paying for!

The pesticides and potential GMOs attached to that delightful little veggie is more than I am bargaining for.

So yes, shopping at the farmer’s market is way more expensive than that!
On the other hand, when I try to shop all organic at the grocery store, the total practically gives me a heart attack at the register… Clean up on lane 3!!!

Shopping at the farmer’s market (especially when your sleepy baby makes you show up a half hour before they shut down and the farmers are looking to get rid of extra produce!!!), I think we actually spend a less or at least comparable amount!
But quite plainly, the fact is, we experience the real cost of food.  Which I think is a worthy adjustment, considering it’s good to be prepared for how much food actually costs.  If you’re already budgeting for that, it won’t be an overwhelming loss if your mode of shopping is required to change for whatever reason.

But the extra pence we pay for good quality, delicious, more natural alternatives is well worth it in my book.


Our haul from the farmer’s market… not including three organic hummus and garlic spreads that we got and a carton of raspberries

and two cartons of blackberries that very slightly decimated on the trip home!!  Yum!!  :]  I must admit, most of these items are just for smoothies.

I had some things left over from last week for dinners.

There is a particular accountability at the farmer’s market I’ve yet to experience in any other type of customer-merchant relationship.

Leah and I were just discussing this the other day.

The farmers see you each week, and there is a high level of accountability.

They want to stay in business.  They are going to try their darndest to ensure the quality of their product.

So yes, the goodies ascertained on our weekly ventures to the farmer’s market are a bit pricey.

But is it more than the grocery store?

I guess that depends on what you prioritize, and how you buy at the grocery store.

For us, it’s a good investment to stick to the farmer’s market when possible.  We gain ownership a bit more ownership over our food, and we get products we feel more comfortable trusting than what we can find in a grocery store.

If the task of shopping organic or at the farmer’s market seems overwhelming for your wallet, you can stick to the Clean 15 and the Dirty Dozen lists.  A great way to eat as much organic as possible without breaking the bank.

But honestly, the ability to build relationships, see the face that farms the fruit I’m about to chow down on, and maintain some accountability in my food provider — now that’s invaluable!


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