Cloth Wipes

I hadn’t planned to make the switch to cloth wipes.  I was perfectly happy using my more “natural” brand of disposables.  Then, literally the month I started cloth diapering, my shipment of wipes came in from Amazon, and they were completely different!!
The company had made changes to better their product.  I wasn’t a fan.

So, instead of switching to a different brand, it was just the motivation I needed to start using cloth!!  And I am so so so incredibly happy I did!!  I love cloth wipes so much more!  They clean better, are more gentle, and I know EXACTLY what is on my baby’s bum!!
I got some unbleached 100% cotton wipes (36 of them), and now I make my own solution.

I still put them in my wipes warmer, and even have a method of folding them so they come out just like disposable wipes do.

IMG_7675First, you want to lay one wipe on the other, overlapping about halfway

IMG_7678Then, fold the bottom one over the top


Next, lay another wipe flat in the place of the very bottom oneIMG_7680

Fold the other half overIMG_7681

Continue on in this way until you have a nice pile!!  I try to only do about 10-12 wipes to a stack now so that they don’t sit in the warmer for too long.IMG_7683That’s it!!

For travel, we just use an old, empty Huggies container!  It’s so simple!  And I can switch the wipes back and forth between the warmer and the container if need be.

When I’m done with the wipes, I just put them in the diaper pail or wet bag along with the diaper, and throw them in the wash!!
Because the solution has vinegar and tea tree oil in it, it really helps cut down on any unwanted odors, and it makes the wash more effective!
So there you have it!
It’s super simple, and was just as great and fun a switch as diapers!  And it makes my life 100 times easier, just chucking them in with the diapers!  I really can’t express how much more convenient this is!

Also, because there is Castile soap in the solution as well, I really feel it cleans much better!

If you decide to make the switch, you won’t be sorry!!



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