Homemade Bread

Leah finally did it!!  She talked me into trying out a recipe for homemade bread.

This is a recipe calling for wheat berries, ground.

I was intimidated!!

It took me so long to come to this point, where I was actually serious about making bread.

It seems like an overwhelmingly daunting task!  I’ve never even made bread much before turning crunchy, so the prospect had me in the corner quivering!!!

But Leah gave me some wheat berries, so I had no excuse!
So I dived right in!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that, even with some hang ups in the process, it was quite easy.

I followed this recipe per Leah’s counsel.

Now, our bread didn’t get a good rise.  It was okay, but a little dense.

I expected it would be more dense than a typical, store-bought, aerated loaf.  But that combined with a bad rise made it a little less than I had hoped for.

However, I felt much better about eating this than anything I could buy in a store, and I compensated by cutting our bread into thinner slices.  It helped!
So here was my experience making bread!


Here are the wheat berries!!


First thing’s first, I ground them up in my Blendtec (I love my Blendtec!)


I poured my flour into the bread pan.


Added the wet ingredients.


Here is the bread, mid-knead.  I wound up having to add extra water and try to restart the bread maker because it got through the knead cycle, and I neeeeeeded (hehe!) it to run through the cycle again with more water.  My maker wound up overheating, and it took about ten minutes to kick back on.  I’m pretty sure this caused my flat bread, so now I know.  If you have a Kitchen Aid mixer (on my wish list!  birthday perhaps?), it’s awesome for this type of job because you can see your dough and adjust accordingly!


Here is my “after” photo!!  The bread, as you can see, sank!  Yikes!!  More than enjoying the taste and texture of the bread, I think I enjoyed knowing what we were eating.  I can only imagine how great it would feel were it actually risen properly!!  ;]IMG_8079

I used the bread for some delicious egg salad sandwiches, made with eggs from a friend with chickens, European style yogurt, and turmeric!  Yum!  :]

So there you have my first attempt at homemade bread.  I’m hoping and praying for more success in my near future.  We aren’t big bread eaters anyhow, but it would be nice for those occasions when we do!

Good luck, crunchy bakers!


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