Placenta Encapsulation

I’ve done it!  I got the go-ahead from Darion, and I’ve made my mind up!
Come post-partum baby number 2, I am planning to have my placenta encapsulated.

I’m convinced!
Now, with Lincoln, I wouldn’t say I had post-partum depression.  What I WOULD say, is I DEFINITELY had the baby blues.  And I think most (if not all!) mamas do develop some level of emotional and hormonal instability.

What I went through was difficult enough for me.  I can’t imagine how trying it would have been were it more severe than that.

So I am in the market to do all that I can to ensure an easier recover next time around.

Let me put it to you this way: If there were a magic pill you could take that maybe wouldn’t completely fix it, but would help balance your hormones, alleviate pain, help you sleep better, heal faster, have more energy, produce more milk, combat infections – wouldn’t you take it?

Well there is!  And of course you’d take it!!  It’s just about hurdling those mental hang ups about the concept.

But God put it right there for us as a part of childbirth!  Isn’t that wondrous?!

In fact, almost all mammals eat their placenta after birth.

Now listen, I’m not suggesting you eat it in a stew (some cultures do!), but what I AM suggesting is look into encapsulation!

Most doulas include this option as part of their services.  If not a doula, there are multiple companies out there that will perform the encapsulation for right around $150-$200.

If you think this is a hefty price, just try to view it as the most absolutely effective and wonderful post-natal vitamin you can take!
If you think this is gross, just imagine what you might put into your body with conventional vitamins!  This is probably nothing in comparison!

Taking your placenta can also help replenish your iron stores.  With my first child birth, I was deemed iron deficient anemic.  I also had all sorts of problems with my platelet count being off the charts high due to a reaction to my c-section.

In short, I had a pretty rough recovery with a lot of n0-more-nursing scares.  I was referred to a hematologist.  It was a mess.

I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to avoid the difficulties I had recovering if you paid me!  Especially considering that next time I will already have an older child to chase after while recovering!

So maybe this is something you’ve heard of but were disgusted by, like I once was.

Maybe you’ve never heard of this before, it’s a completely foreign concept!
But I have arrived at the place where it is SO worth the trade off to me, take a pill when I’m feeling emotional, and be balanced and well.
It still grosses me out a little if I think about it too hard.

But you know what?  I am refusing to succumb to the weak gut, letting that keep me from the awesome healing powers of placenta encapsulation!
I suppose I had to have a horrendous recovery the first time around to arrive at this point.  I just hope I can spare someone the same!



One thought on “Placenta Encapsulation

  1. And that, is growth. I am pleased to hear you say this. I agree with the concept and only wish I had known of it when I was having babies.

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