Cyndi has been married for 4 years and is the mother to a beautiful baby boy, Lincoln, who made his appearance into the world in February 2012.  She is blessed to be able to stay home full-time.  She is working hard each day to learn more about how to care for her home and family in a natural, healthy, “crunchy” way.  She is all about extended breastfeeding, baby-led weaning, using essential oils and homemade cleaning supplies, cooking from scratch, and buying real food to feed her family.  She is a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.  Cyndi is a Christian and strives to instill these values into her son by reading him Bible stories since he was only weeks old.  Cyndi’s hobbies include all things crunchy, gardening, shopping at Target, knitting, blogging, eating chicken salad sandwiches, and spending quality time with her family.  Cyndi has a bright and fun-loving spirit.  No one can make me laugh like she does!  She is very passionate and determined about the things most important to her.  It has been a huge blessing having her join me on my “crunchy” journey, even though it took her a few months to catch on after I first did.  She has been one of my greatest encouragers, and I learn new things from her daily.   She doesn’t realize it yet, but there is a whole lot more crunchiness in store for her as she continues down this path!


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