Whether she’s crunching numbers, or crunching it up at home, this Sissy is a super woman!
She works as a CPA (but her job is much more far reaching than that).  Her company has recognized the value in the person that she is, and she is a trusted, important part of the business.

During her weekends and evenings, she loves spending time with her also-a-CPA husband Steven and her two Boston Terrier pups, Tippy and Brutus.  She lets these dogs dine on a raw chicken cuisine and loves going on hikes with her little family in the surrounding areas.

Camping is one of her most cherished pastimes, as is reading and learning more about improving her family’s quality of life.

Leah keeps incredibly busy, working a full-time job and spending a good majority of her free time keeping her home running.  She heads out to the farmer’s market and the local health store each and every weekend.

She has a container garden for now, but is hoping to have her very own raised bed garden this year.

Above all else, Leah loves God with all her heart, and desperately seeks to follow and obey Him and His Will for her life.  She is active and involved in her church community, attending Bible study during the week and her church service on the weekend.

She has a lovely singing voice, which she loves to lend to the Christmas choir at church every year.

She taught herself piano during her teen years, and can still bust out a mean Für Elise.

She is passionate about making positive changes in her life, but does well balancing the importance of relationships and her personal values.

Leah is an amazing Sissy and an invaluable resource to anyone seeking a crunchy lifestyle.

She is my go-to gal for help and support, and the closest girlfriend I’ve got!



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