Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Ditch the Ajax, and come over to the light side! One of the easiest, most effective ways to begin removing harmful chemicals from your home and venture further toward that ultimate crunchy goal is to grab a giant trash bag, and empty out your cupboards!  As you are chucking things into the trash, pay close […]

Placenta Encapsulation

I’ve done it!  I got the go-ahead from Darion, and I’ve made my mind up! Come post-partum baby number 2, I am planning to have my placenta encapsulated. I’m convinced! Now, with Lincoln, I wouldn’t say I had post-partum depression.  What I WOULD say, is I DEFINITELY had the baby blues.  And I think most (if […]

Homemade Bread

Leah finally did it!!  She talked me into trying out a recipe for homemade bread. This is a recipe calling for wheat berries, ground. I was intimidated!! It took me so long to come to this point, where I was actually serious about making bread. It seems like an overwhelmingly daunting task!  I’ve never even […]

Cloth Wipes

I hadn’t planned to make the switch to cloth wipes.  I was perfectly happy using my more “natural” brand of disposables.  Then, literally the month I started cloth diapering, my shipment of wipes came in from Amazon, and they were completely different!! The company had made changes to better their product.  I wasn’t a fan. So, […]

Just A Typical Sunday Night

So it’s just another typical Sunday night in this crunchy household!You know, the usual: Baked bread from the wheat berries my Sissy so graciously afforded me. Made egg salad from my eggs bought from a friend with chickens. Whipped up some from-scratch manicotti. And now, to settle in and do some massive research on vaccinations. […]

Homemade Puffs

So I love the idea of puffs for my little guy.  He can work on his fine motor skills while ingesting some nourishment, all while giving Mommy a little break to get work done around the kitchen! Win, win, win! Unfortunately, most products like this on the market are saturated with grains, gluten, and gross stuff that […]

Cloth Wipes Solution

Overwhelming madness is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about (well, most things I try to pursue, but in particular) cloth wipes solution. I wasn’t really planning on using cloth wipes.  The thought of Lincoln’s poop still repulses me in a normal way, and I wasn’t exactly giddy about coming into that […]